Welcome, hello, bienvenue, etc. You all took us by surprise. We are still working hard at some new features. The site is fully functional, but the back end of it is mostly manual – meaning that we have to be more diligent about it. The manual format helps a bit with security, so we will keep it for a while. Some (explicit imagined) actually tried to have user names like: dep of education – what is that about? Or how about:  Step-By-Step Vital Factors For Lose Weight. I mean I’d like to try and be polite, but this one is not really too bright I mean English my man, woman person! So having an admin approve the user seems necessary. Use your name, or make one up. If you have a weight loss book that you wrote, please feel free to post it, or parts of it, or just a blurb and a link to advertise it.

We hope that The Alzabo Circle will be one of your favorite stops on your journey through the World Wide Web. We will endeavor to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Keep in touch – our first collective project will launch on April 15, 2017. We are quite excited about it. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with admin at info@alzabo.com or, perhaps easier, like our FB-Alzabo page and send a message with requests, questions, issues and so on.

About Ernie S Llime

I am a story teller. I tell stories in songs, poems, novels and so on. My first novel 'Do, Re, Mi and the Big C' has hit the stores a short while ago and it is available in most e-book formats at Barnes & Noble, SmashWords, Amazon Kindle etc. Apple apparently takes a bit longer but I am getting there. For those priceless individuals who still appreciate a nice hefty book printed on real paper, it is also available in that format on Amazon sites.
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