So, nobody is knocking on my door (other than some hackers who try to sell shit. There is a possibility that people are afraid to start a membership on a site that does not have that McAfee stamp, or perhaps even better a green address bar that indicates that the site is secure. Well, I have quite a few sites, I wrote a few books that are currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and some other places. I also put up a bunch of tunes on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. They can’t all be that terrible. I can however be a terrible salesman, because I have not managed to sell anything. So, I really cannot afford a couple of hundred dollars  a year to add security to my web sites.

About Ernie S Llime

I am a story teller. I tell stories in songs, poems, novels and so on. My first novel 'Do, Re, Mi and the Big C' has hit the stores a short while ago and it is available in most e-book formats at Barnes & Noble, SmashWords, Amazon Kindle etc. Apple apparently takes a bit longer but I am getting there. For those priceless individuals who still appreciate a nice hefty book printed on real paper, it is also available in that format on Amazon sites.
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