Christine Johnson


The multi-talented and charming Christine Johnson is now hanging one of her hats at The Alzabo Circle. Chris produces videos, writes music and for the past three years has been playing upright bass for the bluegrass band Truman’s Ridge. Thank you Chris and welcome!

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Help the Philipine Red Cross

p-red-crossPlease buy this song to help a good cause.

This is how MiG Ayesa describes it:

United As One” was originally written to help bring much needed awareness, and to raise funds for the Philippine Red Cross, after the devastating floods of Typhoon Ondoy. However, year after year, the storms got worse and when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, I was about to start filming the travel reality show “FIL IT UP“. I decided to re-record the track and used footage from the TV series to show the beauty of the Philippines, that no matter what hit them, they still were able to stand up and welcome you to their shores. It’s a song of celebration as well as brotherhood. Some lyrics are in Tagalog (Filipino) but mostly in English. Proceeds from the sale of this song will go directly to the Philippine Red Cross to help their continued efforts in dealing with victims of natural disasters.

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MiG Ayesa

migMiG Ayesa, a man with a golden throat has honored us with his presence. Check out his fabulous video on and visit him on his own page: MiG Music . MiG has an impressive array of singing and acting roles in his portfolio. They range from Galileo Figaro in We Will Rock You and Stacee Jaxx on the Broadway production of Rock of Ages, all the way to Robert Kincaid in the first international production of The Bridges of Madison County. His impressive pipes had him reach third place in the ROCKSTAR: INXS show.

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Sharon Osser joins us.


The incredibly talented Sharon Osser has joined The Alzabo Circle. Ms. Osser is a world musician who specializes in Indian and Afghani dialects. Check out her collaboration with Israeli / Kurdish star Zafrir Ifrach. Her collaboration with the late Shimon Peres, Nobel Prize laureate and past Israeli President is coming soon.

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Clicking on the title of a work will open up a page with lyrics, a poem, an excerpt, a review, a description or any other thing that the author wishes to share.

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Sexually Explicit material


Posts that contains sexually explicit material will be marked and labeled accordingly. It is the responsibility of the person browsing the site to decide if they should view them or not.

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Welcome to the Beast!

I have grandiose plans for The Alzabo Circle. That means that it will take a while until it is fully functional. If you’d like to participate in what I guess may be called the beta version, please send me an e-mail, or message me on Facebook. To those who are already involved, a big Thank You and please be patient. I think it will all be worthwhile.

Ernest Samuel Llime


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