Welcome to the Beast!

I have grandiose plans for The Alzabo Circle. That means that it will take a while until it is fully functional. If you’d like to participate in what I guess may be called the beta version, please send me an e-mail, or message me on Facebook. To those who are already involved, a big Thank You and please be patient. I think it will all be worthwhile.

Ernest Samuel Llime


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I’m Not a Number


I am reading The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. It’s kind of cute and will (hopefully) help a lot of young children with their arithmetic anxiety. I am only about halfway through it and I find it kind of fun. I am hoping that some of my grandchildren will enjoy it and that it will help with their math skills. Continue reading

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Octavio & the Lotus

FleurWalden 2

The first young adult novel by N. Pojk is now in Beta development. Comments, criticism, and opinions are most welcome. A little encouragement would also work, so wish me luck. Download a FREE copy in the format of your choice here: NPojk.

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In the Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the BeholderMy second collection of erotica is now available from my amazon author page. Once again there will be exotic erotic, fantastic, sci-fi and other-worldly stories to titillate your imagination. To celebrate this release, Llime Works Press is giving away  copies of m first collection A Closer Look in e-book formats. You can get your copy here: FREE e-book 

There are no strings attached, no need to fill in anything. Just pick your format and download.

I will of course appreciate a short review, or at least a couple of lines about your thoughts. You may add them here as comments.

If you have an Amazon account and have previously purchased anything from them, you can also go to my book page and write a review over there as well.

BTW – if you need an eBook reader / editor for your PC, Mac or Linux computer Calibre is a free and very good one. Download here (from the originators https://calibre-ebook.com/download . Always try to find the authors of the software. Other sites will sometimes bundle all sorts of extra crap.

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So, nobody is knocking on my door (other than some hackers who try to sell shit. There is a possibility that people are afraid to start a membership on a site that does not have that McAfee stamp, or perhaps even better a green address bar that indicates that the site is secure. Well, I have quite a few sites, I wrote a few books that are currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and some other places. I also put up a bunch of tunes on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. They can’t all be that terrible. I can however be a terrible salesman, because I have not managed to sell anything. So, I really cannot afford a couple of hundred dollars  a year to add security to my web sites.

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First Collective


Our first collective project is now officially on. Go to Vampire’s Suck for hints, rules, timeline as well as the first chapter written by Ernest Samuel Llime.

Vampire’s Suck – A Collective Project


  1. it is a novel
  2. about vampires
  3. these vampires do not burst into flame in the sun
  4. they do get serious sunburns, thus quite nocturnal
  5. explains their lack of vitamin D
  6. they get a boost from fluid exchanges with humans
  7. some do prefer blood though it is not a necessity
  8. to be published by Llime Works Press
  9. curated by Ernest Samuel Llime
  10. professional cover design
  11. after expenses – 50% of royalties to be split between authors.
  12. remainder of royalties will be used for reviews and ads.
  13. the timeline is just a suggestion – but stay within the 100 year period
  14. first chapter by ESL sets the tone .
  15. submit your 3000-5000 word chapter to alzabo.com
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Alazabo on FB


It seems that a group might be a better meeting place for the kind of creative people I would like to hang out with. I will therefore concentrate my efforts on this one rather than the pages that are starting to get a bit difficult to juggle. The Alzabo on FB

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Welcome, hello, bienvenue, etc. You all took us by surprise. We are still working hard at some new features. The site is fully functional, but the back end of it is mostly manual – meaning that we have to be more diligent about it. The manual format helps a bit with security, so we will keep it for a while. Some (explicit imagined) actually tried to have user names like: dep of education – what is that about? Or how about:  Step-By-Step Vital Factors For Lose Weight. I mean I’d like to try and be polite, but this one is not really too bright I mean English my man, woman person! So having an admin approve the user seems necessary. Use your name, or make one up. If you have a weight loss book that you wrote, please feel free to post it, or parts of it, or just a blurb and a link to advertise it.

We hope that The Alzabo Circle will be one of your favorite stops on your journey through the World Wide Web. We will endeavor to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Keep in touch – our first collective project will launch on April 15, 2017. We are quite excited about it. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with admin at info@alzabo.com or, perhaps easier, like our FB-Alzabo page and send a message with requests, questions, issues and so on.

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